Workshops for the Church & School

  1. The 7 Laws of Teaching for the 21st Century - John Milton Gregory originally proposed these laws in 1884.  With a few minor tweaks these rules can have great relevance in today’s preaching and teaching.

  1. Managing Church Change for Growth - Creating an atmosphere ripe for change and innovation without risking fear, disunity, and decline.

  1. Identifying the Schoolyard (and Church) Bully - Bullying behavior exists in every organization. The first step in correcting the problem is to recognize the distinguishing characteristics of bulling behaviour.

  1. Taming the Schoolyard (and Church) Bully - Every school and every church wrestles with bullies.  Practical ways of impacting the heart while changing the actions.

  1. Why Christian Schools? - With all the educational choices available today, why should parents take a fresh look at Christian schools as an educational option of choice?

  1. Vision Quest: The Search for A Clear View of the Future - Vision is an essential, but often overlooked, ingredient in any successful ministry.  Learn where to find vision and how to recognize and develop it when it’s there.

  1. Developing the First Class Ministry Team - It takes skill to develop a team. But it takes even more to develop a first class team. Practical guidelines for developing that winning ministry team.

  1. Getting Our Heads Out of the Sand - Practical advise for identifying and addressing issues in almost every church and school.

  1. The Key Element in Marketing the Christian School - Effective marketing begins with understanding the desires of current and future customers. Learn the one key desire often overlooked by schools and how to provide for it.